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NuEra Slim, Tight, & Tone

Introducing the latest technology of non-invasive treatment, Lumenis NuEra.

NuEra uses the latest RF (Radio Frequency) technology for the best results in permanent fat and cellulite reduction, skin tightening and anti-aging facials.

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Weightloss That Works!

Its true, there is a new and different way for you to strip 3-5 pounds of belly fat every week, and its ONLY available at LeanLabsMD. It includes a custom blend of medications to jump start your body’s metabolism and so that you safely burn fat, keep muscle, and most importantly, reset your brain’s internal "set point" so your body doesn't try to gain it back.

LOSE WEIGHT! FEEL GREAT! That’s the LeanLabs difference.

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John spent 2 hrs with me going over my issues and explaining the reasons behind it all. I really appreciated the attention to my issues. After losing at dieting for years I feel like there is hope.

— Diana Williams